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 Please Read before Posting!

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Please Read before Posting! Empty
PostSubject: Please Read before Posting!   Please Read before Posting! EmptyThu Jul 07, 2011 9:24 pm

Forum Rules

1.) Accounts/User's - Accounts can be closed at the request of the account holder, if you wish to be removed please PM a Moderator!

2.) Please be respectful to the entire posting community. Harassment or abusive remarks, is strictly forbidden. Let's all just play nice Smile

3.) Advertising of products for sale is forbidden. The only type of advertising allowed will be through your signature. You may ONLY advertise your own websites, twitters, facebooks, blogs, youtube and similar.

4.) Language used in a disrespectful/abusive manner will not be tolerated. If we catch inappropriate manner's you will receive a warning. If it continues please keep in mind that you will be messaged about the subject and unfortunately banned!

5.) Signatures: - Should be no more than 400 pixels in total height. Should be no more than 600 pixels in total width. Should not exceed 500kb in total graphic content.

6.) Avatars: - Should not be bigger than 150 pixels either in height or width. The total graphic content should not exceed 150kb.

7.) Illegal activities, as well as the promotion of illegal activities, is strictly forbidden on the forum. If found you will be warned and therefore banned.

8.) English is the official language of the board and should only be used on the boards.

9.) Above all else. Just keep and clean and friendly. If you have any questions, concerns, or request feel free to PM a moderator Smile

*10.) If you have a Youtube channel, I will give you permission to advertise your link in post/signature. I fully support Youtube beauty/fashion gurus (as I once was one) so please feel free to advertise your site. You have my support!
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Please Read before Posting!
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